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Earn 12-18% with the FNRP Grocery Anchored Real Estate Fund

Earn 12-18% with the FNRP Grocery Anchored Real Estate Fund

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Why Invest in the FNRP Opportunity Fund?

The FNRP Opportunity Fund is our vehicle built to provide you, our accredited investors, with a diversified portfolio of high-credit tenants that we believe will thrive no matter the market conditions. By investing in the FNRP Opportunity Fund, you get guaranteed placements in our deals that otherwise fully fund in a matter of minutes after launching.

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The Right Sponsor

When it comes to investing in commercial real estate partnerships, the team you select to invest alongside is just as important as the assets you invest in. The First National Realty Partners platform is comprised of talented and experienced professionals who are passionate about investing in commercial real estate and structuring successful transactions for our partners.


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This information valid as of Q3 2021

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Why Private Equity Real Estate


We have built an incredible platform so our partners can get all the benefits of investing in institutional quality real estate deals, without the headaches and resources required to manage the entire real estate process.


Our national branded, high performing credit tenants pay us rent that produces positive cash flow. We distribute all free cash flow to our partners on an ongoing quarterly basis.


In addition to ongoing cash flow, our partners reap the benefits of any capital appreciation or refinancing proceeds when we exit a transaction after a hold period.


The private nature of Commercial Real Estate provides investors with lower volatility than public, liquid markets. Real Estate is also uncorrelated to the market, offering you a buffer from market swings.


As an owner in a real estate partnership, you receive a K-1 each year, not a 1099 like a REIT or stockholder would receive. There are multiple benefits of owning real estate in this capacity, like receiving depreciation benefits.


Historically, Real Estate has been a hedge against inflation. As the price of goods increase, so do rents; increasing the value of the property and fighting the invisible inflation tax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you subscribe and fund your investment you lock in your place in the fund starting on the 1st day of the following fiscal quarter. At the end of that quarter, you’re entitled to your pro-rata share of all distributions as well as income, expenses, and depreciation from a tax perspective.

Distributions of positive cash flow are paid quarterly.
IRR’s will vary with each investment made by the fund.  The fund will target deal level IRR’s between 12 to 18% but final returns will be a function of the performance of the individual investment.
Projected cash/cash distributions will vary based on the returns on the underlying investments. The fund will target investments with 6-9% in cash distribution.
The minimum investment is $50,000.
The initial investment plus any upside will be returned to the fund to be distributed back to the partners on a pro-rata basis.
The fund doesn’t have a defined strategy on how much capital it plans to invest into any specific deal. The goal will be to conservatively invest capital in a way that would diversify the funds capital efficiently across its assets.
Yes, until we have reached the 50m cap, investors will have the ability to reinvest distributions back into the fund.
The typical investment within the fund will have a hold period from 3-7 years. The fund will go full cycle once each property’s business plan has been executed.
The total amount being raised is up to $50M.
To be considered an accredited investor, one must have a net worth of at least $1,000,000,excluding the value of one’s primary residence, or have income at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 combined income if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year. If you are interested in investing through an entity, please see the SEC’s website for further clarification.
Yes. Our offerings are only available to accredited investors. You will need to prove your status as an accredited investor to participate in any FNRP sponsored offering.
You can fund your investment via wire transfer or check.
The overall strategy is to raise $50M in capital and deploy it consistently across multiple properties. Once the business plan for a property is realized and that property investment is returned back to the fund, it will in turn be distributed back to the partners. As the fund will be investing in multiple properties, the investor can expect to get their initial capital returned over time as opposed to all at once.
We have developed a proprietary investor portal to allow our partners to track their investments and get access to key reports and tax forms. As a partner, you will have your own dedicated account. Formal reports are generated and provided quarterly in addition to monthly leasing updates.

As one of our partners, you have direct access to the principals of the firm and their investor relations support team. All inquiries are handled via white glove telephone support as well.

We are happy to furnish you with as many references as you would like including past partners, lenders, brokers, and other professionals we have closed or worked with in the past. Please keep in mind, past performance is no indicator of future results and you should read the offering documents carefully.
Full financial reports are generated each quarter along with written formal updates. Leasing updates go out monthly. From a tax standpoint, you will receive a K-1 for your interest in the partnership each year. K-1s typically go out by March 15th of each year.


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